Jake Jones is our lead realism tattooist at CB Ink Tattoo Brisbane. His work is heavily focused on black and grey realism, mastering designs which others wouldn’t dare attempt. The intricate level of detail and shading makes his work stand out and gives clients an art piece that turns heads.

As you’ll see from the gallery, Jake tattoos large realism tattoos with full sleeves, back, chest and leg tattoos. Most of his client’s have big ambitions – Jake will plan these over several sittings.
Often somewhat surreal, often provocative, often a bit dark and mysterious, one thing all Jake’s tattoos have in common is the realistic appearance. They look like they’re about to jump right off your skin!

Jake’s realism skills also make him a highly sought after portrait tattoo artist, for those who want a photo of a loved one, celebrity, wild animal (tigers, lions, dogs, snakes, eagles etc) brought to life with ink.

Having been part of CB Ink since the early days, Jake has become an admired and highly sought after realism tattoo artist in Brisbane. Take a look at his work, if you like what you see, get your name on his booking list. It’s almost six months long, but isn’t it worth the wait?