Japanese tattoos are one of the oldest and most distinctive tattoo styles you can find. Rhys, our resident Japanese tattooist, specialises in this style and can give you something that’ll amaze you.

Have a look at Rhy’s work and you’ll see amazing large and small pieces with geishas, dragons, flowers, koi fish, tigers, snakes and samurais. Rhys has done tattoos of the numerous Japanese gods, mythological characters, Namakubi, masks, creatures from folklore and religious figures. You’ll see bright colours, black and grey with highly detailed shading and linework.

Rhys’ knowledge and experience with Japanese tattoo design is not just important for getting an amazing piece of body art. There is significant meaning behind all components of Japanese tattoos, the animal, god or even the choice of colour carries great meaning. You wouldn’t get a script tattoo from someone who couldn’t spell;

you wouldn’t get a Japanese tattoo from an artist who doesn’t understand the meaning of the design.
We invite you to discuss your tattoo goals and ideas with Rhys. As these tattoos are highly detailed, they often cover a vast space. Full sleeve, leg, Let our Japanese tattoo artist Rhys inspire you!