CB Ink Tattoo follows the most rigorous hygienic standard checks every day, by doing this it helps create a clean, safe environment inside the studio for everyone.

Our Tattoo studio is rigorously cleaned daily as well as between each client with a medical grade sanitising spray. We do not take shortcuts when it comes to the cleanliness of our tattoo shop and we abide by the safety standards in Australia. Our staff take the time to make sure all clients feel safe and comfortable within our studios and with our cleanliness standards.


At CB Ink Tattoo we ensure the cleanliness kept to the highest standard. We thoroughly clean all treatment areas such as benches and chairs between each client as well as place a clean covering over the treatment surface area. Tattoo and piercing placement areas are always cleaned with skin antiseptic to prevent infection.


Our tattooists pride themselves on their appearance and are always neat and tidy with high personal hygiene. Single use gloves are always worn by the tattooist and other body art practitioners during each procedure. Hands are always washed before and after attending to a client, before and after a procedure and after the removal of gloves.


CB Ink Tattoo will only ever use new single-use disposable needles and new ink caps along with new disposable tips and tubes for every client. When the tattoo procedure is complete these items are safely disposed of. Gloves are worn while prepping the tattoo or piercing as well as during the procedure to ensure the safety of all clients and staff members.

To avoid cross contamination all of our inks are placed into single use containers, and a single use applicator is always used for each person undergoing a tattoo or piercing. All sterile packaging is opened just prior to starting the treatment.