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CB Ink Art Gallery – COMING SOON!

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Our tattoo artists are often asked how they got into tattoo industry. People are often surprised to find out that they started off doing drawings, paintings and other forms of artwork, and still partake in these creative channels while not tattooing.

For a long time we’ve dreamt of creating an environment that the community can freely visit and embrace tattoos and various other forms of modern art.

This dream is about to become a reality.

We have a new 200sqm+ size venue in Lutwyche, Brisbane, where we’ll be opening CB Ink Tattoo & Art Gallery.

It will be the largest tattoo studio in Australia and the only tattoo studio and art gallery all in one location.

Realism Sleeve Tattoos

It will help elevate up and coming artists who often struggle to receive the exposure and recognition they deserve.

It will provide inspiration and enjoyment for those who feel that Brisbane is lacking in art venues which cater to their artistic preferences.

We look forward to updating you with more details.

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