Are you considering getting a tattoo that looks not only sleek, stylish and femine but can also hold some sort of meaning behind it? ‘Meaningful’ can vary from person to person. For some people, a ‘meaningful tattoo’ is a design that may have some sort of relevance to something in their life, for others it could be more along the lines of a symbol that represents a message or idea that speaks to them. You have probably noticed that in many female deep meaningful tattoos the same symbols and imagery often get reused. That is because there are certain tattoo designs that often have a deeper symbolic meaning. So, let’s take a look at some absolutely iconic go-to symbols that can make lovely meaningful tattoos for women.

Popular & meaningful female tattoo designs


Roses have been a popular tattoo choice for men and women for decades. The rose is a timeless symbol that is often seen tattooed as a singular rose on a stem, or part of a larger piece among vines, thorns, lettering, or even skulls and butterflies. Roses represent beauty, love, and passion. Due to their shape, and ability to be easily paired with other designs, roses can make a perfect meaningful female classy half-sleeve tattoo.


While butterfly tattoos are considered to be both beautiful and feminine, they can have a wide variety of meanings. For some, a butterfly tattoo can represent great change and a ‘metamorphosis’. Some people pick butterfly tattoos as they themselves have gone through a great change and self-development in their life. For others, a butterfly tattoo is used to signify the loss of a loved one. Variations in colour of the butterfly also help to add a deeper meaning symbol. For example, a white butterfly can represent purity while a yellow butterfly can represent happiness and joy. 

Due to the shape of butterflies, they can be a perfect design for small meaningful tattoos for females, or they can be an accent for a larger piece.