Specialising in tribal tattoos, Beejay is our go-to tribal tattoo artist at CB Ink Tattoo Brisbane. As a sought-after Maori and Polynesian tribal tattoo designer and artist, Beejay understands just how symbolic and meaningful these tattoos can be, and captures the meaning in every line, stroke and shade.

Beejay is chosen by both men and women to be their tribal tattoo artist, due to his steady hand, creative eye and years of experience. Beejay will work with you to understand the meaning behind your tattoo and determine the best way to ink it onto your skin forever.

Tribal tattoos are unique, and Beejay will make sure that he gets his designs exactly right. As an artist, Beejay takes his work seriously and ensures that no two tribal tattoo designs are the same.

Whether you’re looking for a small arm piece or you’re keen to grow your tribal body art collection across your sleeve, chest or back, you’re in safe hands.

Get in touch with Beejay today for a precise tribal tattoo design.