With years of experience, Michael is an expert traditional and neo-traditional tattooist. Michael’s timeless style features bold lines and bright colours, ensuring that each custom piece is on-trend regardless of the year it was designed.

Michael’s tattoo art features well-known designs such as skulls, people, flags, crosses, stars, anchors and more. He is also extremely experienced in the ‘new’ traditional tattoo style known as neo-traditional. Michael’s neo-traditional style means he can also design custom tattoos in a cartoon-like style, with flowers, candles and lighthouses as some of his most popular neo-traditional designs.

Michael prides himself on creating unique traditional tattoos. Creating small, large and medium-sized designs, there is no area on the body that Michael can’t tattoo. Michael is the go-to traditional tattoo artist for both men and women, easily transforming design ideas into extraordinary body art.

Ink your body with a design that won’t ever go out of style. Chat with Michael today to create a bold piece of traditional or neo-traditional tattoo art that represents you.