Kieran is CB Ink Tattoo Brisbane’s expert script tattoo artist. With years of experience in script tattoos, Kieran can turn any word, name or phrase into a unique design that is meaningful and artistic.

Being multi-talented, Kieran can also tattoo animals, patterns and objects, adding an extra special touch to your script tattoo design. Kieran’s designs speak to the canvas’ individuality and are popular among people who want to visually share something meaningful with the world.

Kieran is an expert in tattooing all areas of the body, with the inner wrist and forearm being one of the most popular places for script tattoos. As a script tattoo artist, Kieran has a flawless tattoo writing technique that people are proud to show off.

Get in touch with Kieran today to get some breathtaking script tattoo design ideas. The written part in a script tattoo is important to get right, and Kieran is here to help you start thinking about your next tattoo art.