Kristen is a professional face and body piercing artist, and has recently joined the CB Ink Tattoo team. Kristen is expertly qualified and understands how important face and body piercings are to help people represent who they are. Kristen loves piercings, and uses piercings to complement tattoos. 

Kristen is experienced in all types of piercings, and can pierce almost any part of the ears, oral area, lip, nipples, eyebrows, belly and nose. Areas such as the antitragus, uvula, dimples and surface naval require a consultation with Kristen beforehand, to ensure the piercings are done safely and are right for the individual. 

Kristen pierces both men and women, helping people all over Brisbane look and feel their best. 

Add something extra to your look.

Get in touch with Kristen to get a piercing that works with your tattoos or future tattoo designs. Show off the best version of yourself to the world today.