We’re very excited to have Nicolas as part of the talented CB Ink Brisbane team. Nicolas is a multi-talented neo-traditional and Japanese-style artist ready to make your tattoo dreams a reality. His proven ability to illustrate eye-capturing tattoo designs using striking colours and bold outlines makes Nicolas a fantastic choice for anyone looking for their next neo-traditional or Japanese-styled tattoo. 

Nicolas is well versed in many forms of neo-traditional tattoos and can be relied on for illustrations of women, flowers, animals, candles and more. He follows the technical rules of traditional tattooing and then pushes the boundaries in a stunning neo-traditional fashion. His design inspiration includes lush and intricate details that are striking to behold. 

No matter who you are or where you’d like the tattoo positioned on your body, Nicolas will be able to create the perfect small, medium or large-sized tattoo for you. For your next neo-trad or Japanese-styled tattoo, book a chat with the ever-talented Nicolas today at CB Ink.