Mandala tattoos are designed from several overlapping circles and shapes, with mandala designs being seen throughout the world in art and religion. These intricate designs demand patience and skill for a tattooist to implement well and portray balance, perfection and eternity.

Kieran is our resident mandala tattooist, with years of experience in the Brisbane Tattoo scene. He’s popular with a diverse range of clientele ranging from first-time tattoo clients to those looking to grow their body art with someone who specialises in mandala and understands their needs.

Mandala tattoos are a particularly popular choice with women; Kieran has tattooed a range of pieces in various sizes. Take a look at Kieran’s gallery to see fine detailed and meaningful designs on the forearm, calf to larger pieces on the hip, ribs, chest, back and full arm or leg sleeves.

These often incorporate the lotus flower, sunflower, feathers, or a wheel with eight spokes (symbol of a perfect universe).

We encourage you to contact us and discuss your tattoo ideas with Kieran. Each client has a unique vision, style and story to tell, Kieran encourages creativity and not settling for second best.