Jared is our newest addition to CB Ink Tattoo Studio. He has a strong passion for art and getting creative with ink. He has a rare talent for black & grey realism tattoos, where he loves being able to recreate portraits on skin. He prides himself in creating a friendly and safe environment to make clients feel welcome and comfortable. Jared’s tattoos will impress you with his level of intricacy. He has created a range of various black & realism tattoos, which you can view in his portfolio below. Like all our artists, Jared isn’t just about creating great inks! He’s a great guy who you’ll enjoy meeting at the studio and will take the time to understand your vision and create your design together.  He’s professional and takes no shortcuts in his work, hygiene and procedures. His client base includes both men and women of varying ages, including first-time tattoo clients as well as those adding to their tattoo collection. Get in touch with Jared to chat about your dream designs today!