Rodd specialises in graffiti tattooing, designing distinctive pieces that are unique to the canvas. His tattoo style includes the classic-look graffiti inscription, but also goes beyond that, with Rodd creating graffiti-inspired faces, skulls, patterns, flowers, cartoon characters, landscapes and more.

Rodd uses colours and shading to ensure that no one piece is the same. Rodd prides himself on sitting down with his clients and designing something that they’re keen to show off at every opportunity. His distinctive style can’t be found anywhere else, making each custom design hard to recreate.

Rodd can tattoo in any area and on all types of bodies, so that anyone who wants a graffiti tattoo design can show it off. Rodd’s designs are inspired by worldwide street art, with designs changing based on Eastern or Western influences.

As an expert graffiti tattoo artist, Rodd is the go-to for anyone looking for a graffiti tattoo design in Brisbane. Get in touch with Rodd to chat about your next tattoo today.