As one of the most popular tattoo styles in the world, finding the right floral tattoo artist for our CB Ink Tattoo Brisbane studio was a must. Marina – one of the most experienced floral tattoo artists in Brisbane – was the right choice, and has continued to create unique floral pieces since joining the team.

With years of experience, female tattoo artist Marina specialises in all types of tattoo designs related to flowers, including flora motifs and abstract floral design. Marina works with a wide range of colours and can design any flower or floral combination of your choosing, including the popular roses, lilies and tulips.

Well known as one of the most talented floral tattoo designers, Marina makes sure that each unique design is aesthetically pleasing whilst also representing a deeper meaning for its canvas. People are proud to show off Marina’s stunning custom floral tattoos.

Marina tattoos all body types, in all areas, meaning the floral design possibilities are endless! Have a chat with Marina today and make your floral tattoo dreams a reality.