If you have a tattoo that you need covered up, Karl is the person to talk to. With Karl’s wide range of tattoo design experience and genuine expertise, Karl specialises in tattoo cover-ups, turning unwanted tattoos into something that you can be proud of.

His remarkable tattoo art can transform the largest and least attractive design into a statement piece, by camouflaging the tattoo underneath using precise linework and strategic colouring. Karl can perform a tattoo cover-up on a tattoo of any shape or size, and on any body part. Whichever new design you choose, whether it be a traditional cover-up, floral tattoo, realist tattoo or a custom tattoo unique to you, Karl will cover up your original tattoo flawlessly. If you’re thinking about covering up an old tattoo, get in touch with Karl today.

Chat about design styles, colours, size and more with our expert tattoo cover-up artist, so that you can show off a tattoo that you’re proud of.