With 20 years of experience as a colour cartoon and anime tattoo artist, Geoff has made a name for himself as one of the most accomplished artists in the industry. Geoff specialises in large colour pieces and is well known for his full-back and full sleeve tattoo art.

As a colour realism expert, Geoff successfully captures the true colours of real-life objects and people, and transforms them into tattoo art. He uses colours to create a sense of space and form, accurately tattooing whatever piece of art you’d like displayed on your body. Geoff’s tattoo pieces are much more detailed than a standard tattoo design.

Geoff is recognised as one of the best tattoo artists for colour lions and tigers, having completed several large pieces over his established career. He is also able to recreate other animals, people, inanimate objects, solar systems and more.

Geoff is chosen by both men and women as their tattoo artist, due to his diverse skill set and ability.

Get in contact with Geoff today to discuss your cartoon and anime tattoo ideas.