Rodd specialises in creating unique Chinese-inspired tattoo designs, crafting distinctive pieces tailored to the individual canvas. His tattoo style encompasses classic Chinese calligraphy, going beyond to include Rodd’s unique interpretations of faces, skulls, patterns, flowers, cartoon characters, landscapes, and more.

Utilising a rich palette of colours and precise shading, Rodd ensures each piece is one-of-a-kind. He takes pride in collaborating with clients, designing artwork that they’re eager to showcase on every occasion. Rodd’s exclusive style sets his designs apart, making each custom creation challenging to replicate.

Rodd is proficient in tattooing various body areas, accommodating diverse body types. His designs draw inspiration from Chinese traditional tattoos, with influences that range back to the past up to modern China.

As a skilled Chinese tattoo artist, Rodd is the preferred choice for those seeking distinctive Chinese tattoo designs in Brisbane. Contact Rodd today to discuss your next tattoo and discover the unique beauty of Chinese-inspired body art.