Tiff joined CB Ink Tattoo Brisbane as an animal realism tattoo artist, and has created strikingly realistic designs ever since. Using animals as her inspiration to create custom and unique tattoo designs, Tiff prides herself on capturing the essence of the animal and inking it onto the right person.

Tiff uses colours, shading, varieties in thickness and real-life inspiration to create impressive realistic animal tattoos. Tiff can design all the classics, including lions, tigers, snakes, birds and fish, as well as any obscure animal that can be found roaming the planet. Tiff creates custom tattoos for both men and women, and can design tattoos for any area of the body.

If you’re after a bright, lifelike animal realism tattoo, Tiff is the person to talk to. Whether you want the animal to be cute and friendly, or scary and wild, Tiff will create the perfect custom design. To start your tattoo journey or add another piece to your collection, get in touch with Tiff today.