JR is our resident American traditional tattoo artist at CB Ink Brisbane. JR brings with him years of American traditional tattooing experience and is known for his expertise in using clean black outlines and vivid colours to create unique inks.

To perfect his creative style, JR delved into the history of American traditional tattoos. He artistically channels the traditional concepts of freedom and an adventurous spirit in each piece. JR accurately reflects the idea of living a life outside the confines of mainstream society. American traditional tattoos showcase a desire for the unconventional.

Each tattoo designed and inked by JR follows the fundamentals of the traditional American style, perfectly replicating one of the most popular tattoo looks around the globe. JR professionally tattoos animals, insects, women, caricatures, nautical-inspired artwork and more, each with a distinct appearance that represents the canvas. His steady hand and creative eye is an asset to CB Ink Brisbane and we’re lucky to have him as a valued member of our team.

As our go-to American tattoo artist, JR will work with you to create a showcase piece that seeks to explore your unique vision.

With his extensive knowledge of American traditional tattoos and years of practicing his craft, JR goes above and beyond to create a piece that perfectly embodies the traditional American tattoo ideals.

JR is bold with his tattoo designs and prides himself on creating impressive artwork on your skin. With his years of expertise, JR creates small, large and medium-sized designs, so that everyone who is looking for an American traditional tattoo can get what they desire.

For American, Western or Old School tattoo body art that you can be proud to show off, chat to JR. He is a core member of our CB Ink Brisbane team, and is here to bring your tattoo design to life.